Hands free, automatic dispenser with 1000ml capacity and is suitable for gel hand sanitiser or hand soap.
With its durable and ergonomic structure, it provides ease of use with no hands to maintain hygiene standards.

XP Dispenser AUTO - Alcohol gel or soap

  • Ideal for shops, offices, waiting rooms, churches, village halls, nurseries, toilets and more. Each unit is wall mountable with a bracket. 

    • 1000ml Touchless Dispenser
    • Suitable for Gel Sanitizer or liquid soap
    • Made of high quality ABS material
    • It can be used by mounting on the wall
    • It gives 0.45 ml of gel every time
    • Take Off Lid and Bulk Fill Using our Alcohol 5 Litre Hand GEL
    • 13cm x 13cm x 27cm