Non Contact Infrared Thermometer measure the body temperature based on the infrared energy emitted from the forehead. This safe and hygienic thermometer offers professional accuracy in as little as 1 second.

It is simple to use, just point the sensor directly at the centre of the forehead from 1-3 cm away. The LCD display then shows the body temperature, accurate to one decimal place. If a fever is detected, the alert will show and an alarm will sound unless in silent mode.

Thermometer - Non contact, Infrared

SKU: 2020100
    • Temperature shown in either Celsius or Fahrenheit (change at touch of a button)
    • Stores up to 20 results
    • Automatic shutdown after 10 seconds
    • Two settings - Forehead mode and object mode
    • Batteries included (AAA x 2)
    • Ergonomic handle
    • Accuracy +/- 0.2 degrees Celsius
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