Developed to meet stringent industry standards, our  Powder-Free Blue Nitrile Gloves have an ambidextrous design to promote comfort. Suitable for caterers, their strong and visible design has been achieved through the use of power free nitrile. The blue colour stands out, should they fall into any food, and each glove helps to reduce the absorption and spread of environmental allergens. A low-cost alternative to latex/vinyl gloves, they reduce the risk of allergies or irritants while moulding to fit your hands effectively with a range of sizes available.

Proform Nitrile disposable gloves - 200 pack

    • 200 gloves per pack - from only 21p per pair!

    • Ambidextrous design

    • Powder-free design reduces absorption and spread of environmental allergens

    • Bright colours to ensure high visibility

    • Meets or exceeds BS EN455 Part 1 & AQL 1.5 medical grade

    • Resistant to most household chemicals

    • Size available: Medium, or Large 

    • Colour: Blue

    • Non-sterile: Non-invasive procedures only

    Proform Nitrile Gloves Fitting Guide

    Measure the width of your palm with your fingers extended together and your thumb pointing outwards. We recommend measurieng just below the knuckles, this isn't the widest point of the hand however Proform Gloves have great dexterity and will fit nice and snug. Loose fitting gloves can catch on clothing, earings or machinery. All users should be measured before use.

    Small: 8cm Medium: 9cm Large: 10cm X-Large: 11cm+