Proform Vinyl Gloves are one of the most popular disposable gloves in the market. They are a great value and durable alternative to Latex, which is a known allergen and can cause users to suffer mild skin irritation. Proform Vinyl has medical grade certification which allows them to be used for patient handling and non-invasive medical procedures. The powder-free and seamless design by Proform offers fantastic comfort and dexterity for it users and they are resistant to most household chemicals.

Proform Vinyl disposable gloves - 20 pack

    • 20 gloves per pack - from only 20p per pair!

    • Non-sterile: Non-invasive procedures only

    • No latex allergens

    • Powder-free design


    Proform Vinyl Gloves Fitting Guide

    Measure the width of your palm with your fingers extended together and your thumb pointing outwards. We recommend measurieng just below the knuckles, this isn't the widest point of the hand however Proform Gloves have great dexterity and will fit nice and snug. Loose fitting gloves can catch on clothing, earings or machinery. All users should be measured before use.

    Small: 8cm Medium: 9cm Large: 10cm X-Large: 11cm+

    • Medical grade: BS EN455 (parts 1, 2 & 3) & AQL 1.5
    • Colour: Clear
    • Pack size: 20
    • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large