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Hand Cleaner stocks and supplies a wide range of professional, quality PPE and hygiene products. This includes disposable nitrile gloves, face masks, hand sanitiser and sanitiser dispensers, amongst others. We only stock certified products from reputable healthcare suppliers and manufacturers, and where possible British or European made. 

We have a factory outlet in Bungay, Suffolk for collection of our goods after purchasing through the webshop. We also have a manufacturing facility in Exeter, Devon where we produce Personal Protective Equipment products such as alcohol based hand sanitiser solution and Face Shields. Both are vital defences against the spread of viruses and to protect frontline professionals from infection.

Our sanitiser formulation meets World Health Organisation standards, has 75% Alcohol content and no added perfumes, dyes or additives that could cause allergic reactions.​

Our LST Face Shield has been certified as a medical product to EN166:2002 and verified and approved by independent medical consultants and the NHS Infection Control team in Devon, UK. Our flat pack design allows us to rapidly produce face shields making these units very cost effective, particularly important given these types of PPE are often disposed of after every use. We use two materials for the components that are easily sterilised so they can be re-used. 

What are the benefits of alcohol-based hand sanitiser

Alcohol-based sanitisers are a proven means for rapidly and effectively eradicating a wide array of harmful germs and bacteria on hands such as COVID-19, MRSA and E-Coli.

WHO recommends alcohol-based handrubs based on the following factors:

  1. Evidence-based, intrinsic advantages of fast-acting and broad-spectrum microbicidal activity with a minimal risk of generating resistance to antimicrobial agents;

  2. Suitability for use in resource-limited or remote areas with lack of accessibility to sinks or other facilities for hand hygiene (including clean water, towels, etc.);

  3. Capacity to promote improved compliance with hand hygiene by making the process faster, more convenient and immediately accessible at the point of patient care;

  4. Minimisation of risks from adverse events because of increased safety associated with better acceptability and tolerance than other products.

(Source: WHO Guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Health Care 2009)

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FACTORY OUTLET : Shop 1, 2-4 Cross Street, Bungay, Suffolk, NR35 1AU

MANUFACTURING FACILITY : Unit 14, Apple Lane, Exeter, EX2 5GL

TEL: 01986 896846 (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm)


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